WorkKey | Developer, and researcher
July 2011 until present | Santiago, Chile
Led by Prof. Silvia Pellegrini, Work Key is a family of web applications focused on the management of journalistic stories, corporate communications, and Film&TV productions. This work was funded by FONDEF D08I1082. The application is available at Publications submitted.

NIDEA | Developer, and researcher
July 2011 – July 2013 | Santiago, Chile
Worked with Prof. Miguel Nussbaum and Prof. Pablo Chiuminatto, NIDEA is a tool to create multimedia mind-maps based on documents uploaded by users. The application is available at Publication submitted.

Hypermedia UC | Coordinator
July 2014 – January 2015 | Santiago, Chile
Digital magazine created by students from the course IIC1072: ‘Hypermedia In Knowledge Exchange’. The main learning goal was to use multiple multimedia resources and recognize their advantages. Articles are available at

Fact-Checking 2015 | Web-developer
March 2015 | Santiago, Chile
Students and professors from the School of Communications determined the veracity and accomplishment of 40 Presidential promises, given each year at the National Congress. We developed a website to inform these results and compare promises using multiple visual metrics. This work is available at

FEUC Elections 2015 | Web-developer
November 2014 | Santiago, Chile
In 2015, fifty students and three professors from the School of Communication covered the elections of the Students Federation of Universidad Católica (FEUC). For that occasion, we created a special website to inform results, maps, events, breaking news, and important statistics. We reported the events in real-time and achieved more than 50,000 visits that day. This website is available at

“Passion UC” | Founder
March 2010 – July 2013 | Santiago, Chile
Conferences led by professors from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. They were recorded and published at It was funded by the Vice-Rectory for Communications and Public Affairs.

The Reading room | Web-developer
March 2010 – July 2013 | Santiago, Chile
I designed and developed the website for this editorial project, from the School of Literature, in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. The articles are available at